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TuffWraps Athlete: Gemma Ferguson


IG: @gemma_strongwoman_fergie

Gemma Ferguson's career in strength sports has been a successful one but one where effort and determination has been the key.  After leaving the military and moving back to the UK full time Gemma found strength sports and changed her out look on life for ever.  We have been lucky enough to have been involved with Gemma's progress through the sport from almost the start and we hope for years to come.

Q&A with Gemma Ferguson

Where are you currently training?

Brighton, England

How did your fitness journey start?

I am an army veteran so I’ve always been into fitness. However my real fitness journey began on around 2015 I’d been out the army some time and was diagnosed with PTSD I’d gain a lot of weight so I started lifting and getting fit again.I then discovered strongwoman and my strongwoman career began in 2016!

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

My favourite athlete is Donna Moore worlds strongest woman donna is so down to earth and is a real ambassador for women and strength sports. I hope to one day have a title like hers.

What is your favorite food?

Cheese I am completely addicted to cheese of all kinds

What is your favorite Tuffwraps product and why?

My double prong belt this was my first belt and it’s been worn at every comp including winning England’s strongest woman so now I believe it’s my lucky charm.

What is an odd fact about you?

I’m petrified of any insect that flys 🤦🏼‍♀️

What is your favorite quote?

you are the captain of your own ship you decided which way you sail

Competition History

Currently Gemma competes at 82kg class and her career in Strong Woman so far includes:

  • 2016 Worthing’s Strongest Woman - 2nd
  • 2017 Worthing's Strongest Woman - 1st
  • 2018 London’s Strongest Woman - 1st
  • 2018 Peterboroughs Strongest - 1st
  • 2018 Official Strongman Games Finals 17th
  • 2019 Englands Strongest Woman 82kg - 1st
  • 2019 Britains Strongest Woman 82kg - 3rd

Coached by: Simon Yates - Physically Fit PT


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