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6 Ankle Strap Workouts for an Effective Exercise Routine

Six Ankle Strap Workouts for an Effective Exercise Routine

Exercises using ankle straps can be seen in the accompanying photo. The straps help to add resistance to the user's workout, enabling them to increase the intensity of their exercise routine.

Have you ever thought of the advantages of using ankle straps while exercising? They can be easily incorporated into your workout routine and provide several benefits, such as improved definition in your lower body, including the legs, hips, thighs, and glutes.

These six exercises are a great start if you've been searching for a different approach to gaining toned legs and abs. Utilizing ankle straps helps build strength, size, and definition to critical lower body and core parts. All that is necessary is a cable pulley and straps.

It's essential to emphasize the need for good form when exercising, not simply to throw on ankle straps and randomly move your legs. Fortunately, the following information will help you to get the most out of your workout.

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    What do Ankle Straps do?

    Best Ankle Straps for Weightlifting

    The name "ankle strap" implies that it is a strap that goes around one side of the ankle and connects to a cable machine on the other side. Usually, these straps are sold in pairs and can be used for single-leg exercises or unilateral movements. Ankle straps can be purchased in various places.

    Performing leg exercises with an ankle strap on a cable machine requires considerable core stability compared to a machine exercise while seated. The major discrepancy is the proper alignment of your head, neck, spine, and hips.

    If your lower back is causing you difficulty or is a source of hypertension, consider doing specific core-strengthening exercises, like crunches or bicycle kicks, before starting the exercises outlined here.

    Exercises with an Ankle Strap: 6 Ideas to Consider

    1. Lunges with a Cable Resistance Band

    Doing lateral lunges is an effective way to target your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Switching to cable machines and attaching ankle straps can intensify the exercise and get a more intense workout.

    You can work your glutes and maintain control by doing cable lateral lunges. Here is how to do them:

    • Look for a cable machine with an adjustable pulley/height.
    • Bring the pulley to the lowest height possible.
    • Place an ankle strap around your left ankle.
    • Connect the ankle strap to the carabiner attachment on the cable pulley.
    • Position yourself so that your right shoulder is facing the cable machine (the leg opposite of the one with the ankle strap)
    • Take a wide step with your left leg, flexing your knee into a lunge.
    • Repeat this action on each leg as many times as desired (recommendation: perform 20 lunges for each leg in 4 sets)

    2. Leg Extensions can be performed while standing using cables.

    This exercise might seem complicated initially. However, it's a great substitute when all the leg extension machines are occupied and you NEED to get your quad workout. Additionally, it works the VMO muscle (vastus medialis oblique), which is a part of the quadriceps and helps with knee functioning. To do the exercise, these are the steps:

    • Locate a free cable machine with adjustable pulley/height settings
    • Set the cable pulley/lever halfway up the machine
    • Place an upright bench or similar item two feet away from the machine for stabilization
    • Fasten the ankle strap onto either leg
    • Stand with feet together, facing away from the cable machine
    • Bend the leg attached to the cable behind you, forming a 90-degree angle at the knee
    • Contract the quads and VMO while bringing the leg back to the starting position without touching the ground
    • Perform 20 repetitions per leg for 4 sets, switching legs after the first set

    3. Exercise Machines for Hip Abductions

    Using cable hip abductors is an effective way to work the lateral muscles of the hip. This exercise machine is designed to isolate the muscles in the hips and help strengthen and tone them.

    You can target your glutes and lateral quad muscles with the cable hip abductors to strengthen and sculpt your backside. This exercise lets you engage with the muscle you're working on immediately. Here's how to do it:

    • Locate a cable machine with an adjustable pulley/height.
    • Set the pulley to the lowest height.
    • Connect the carabiner to an ankle strap and then to your ankle.
    • Stand with your shoulder facing the machine and your outside leg weighted.
    • Hold onto the cable machine for stability, keeping your feet together.
    • Keeping your weighted leg straight, move it outward until it reaches 45 degrees.
    • Execute each repetition slowly, first on one leg and then the other (it is recommended to do 20 repetitions per leg for 4 sets)

    4. Exercise with Standing Cables Involving Hamstring Curl

    Cable hamstring curls will be the following exercise, which will work for the opposing muscle group from the previous one. You must use ankle straps to target your hamstrings to perform them.

    This exercise provides a nice switch from the Standing Cable Leg Extensions since it requires a similar stance and motion but in the opposite direction. To execute it, use the following instructions:

    • Locate a cable machine with adjustable features.
    • Set the cable pulley to its lowest height.
    • Position yourself facing the machine and choose your desired weight.
    • Secure an ankle strap to the left ankle.
    • Grasp the supporting beam for a stable stance.
    • Begin by keeping your feet together.
    • Gradually bend the left leg (attached to the cable) behind you until a ninety-degree angle is created at the knee (engaging the hamstring)
    • Move slowly and focus on one leg at a time (suggestion: 4 sets of 20 repetitions per leg)

    5. Crunches Done with a Cable Machine

    If you wish to give your lower body a break and simultaneously get your abdominal muscles toned, cable crunches with ankle straps are the way to go. You can do this exercise to get a good workout for tight abs! Here's how:

    • Locate a cable machine with an adjustable pulley/height.
    • Set the pulley to the most minimal height available.
    • Attach the carabiner cable to your ankle straps and secure the straps to your feet.
    • Lie flat on the ground or a bench and have your feet together.
    • With your back to the floor, place your hands beneath your head and lift your legs off the ground in a crunch-like motion.
    • Bend your knees and crunch, focusing on the leg movement.
    • The cable pulley will add more difficulty to the stretch.
    • Do each repetition slowly (for example, 20 repetitions per leg with 4 sets)

    6. Cable Hamstring Curls Done While Lying Down

    Positioned much like the preceding workout, cable hamstring curls give an excellent connection between the mind and the muscle.

    The primary advantage of executing lying cable hamstring curls, as opposed to the standing form, is that both legs can be used simultaneously to get the most out of the hamstring muscles. To do the exercise, adhere to these instructions:

    • Look for a cable machine with an adjustable pulley position.
    • Place the pulley at the lowest setting and lay either flat or on a bench.
    • Connect the carabiner cable to the ankle straps, and secure the straps to your ankles (if you only have one strap, do single-leg curls)
    • Begin with your legs straight out in front of you..
    • To begin the exercise, bring your legs in towards your glutes, hold, and then move back to the start position (try 4 sets of 20 repetitions per leg)

    What is the best place to acquire ankle straps?

    TuffWraps has an excellent selection of ankle straps designed for cable machines. Their straps are constructed with breathable Neoprene padding to provide comfortable support without feeling too tight.

    Thanks to the reinforced stitching around the edges, the TuffWraps ankle straps boast a strong connection to the cable pulley machine, with a stainless steel D-ring held securely. Therefore, you can use them with any cable machine and be confident they will last for years.

    Are you willing to give them a go?

    There are six exercises that could assist in the development of firmer and more toned abs and legs. Using ankle straps, one can increase strength, size, as well as definition to their core muscles and lower body. One cannot underestimate the durability of these accessories; they play a crucial role when it comes to achieving a stronger or leaner physique throughout your lower extremities.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What are ankle straps used for during exercise?

    Ankle straps are used to add resistance and intensity to workout exercises. They are typically used with cable machines and can be attached to one ankle to perform single-leg exercises or unilateral movements. Ankle straps help target and strengthen specific lower body muscles, such as the legs, hips, thighs, and glutes.

    What are the best ankle straps for weightlifting?

    The best ankle straps for weightlifting are those that offer comfortable support and a secure connection to cable machines. TuffWraps offers ankle straps with breathable Neoprene padding, reinforced stitching, and stainless steel D-rings for durability. These ankle straps are designed to provide comfortable support and are compatible with various cable machines.

    What exercises can be performed with ankle straps?

    Ankle straps can be used for various exercises, including lunges with cable resistance bands, standing leg extensions, hip abductions using cable machines, standing hamstring curls, cable crunches, and lying cable hamstring curls. These exercises target different lower body and core muscles, providing strength, size, and definition when performed correctly with ankle straps.

    Where can I find high-quality ankle straps for exercise?

    TuffWraps offers a selection of high-quality ankle straps designed for use with cable machines. Their ankle straps feature breathable Neoprene padding, reinforced stitching, and stainless steel D-rings for a secure connection. They are compatible with various cable machines and are built to last. Check out TuffWraps for durable and reliable ankle straps for your workout needs.


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