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What Are Figure 8 Lifting Straps & How Do You Use Them?

figure 8 lifting straps

When lifting in the gym, we all want to get stronger and adding heavier weight to our program is the way to achieve that.  When you increase weight while training your grip can be one of the first things that fail.  That's why many lifters use lifting straps to help deal with the increased load from heavy lift exercises.  There are many types of lifting strap options from Figure 8 Lifting Straps, Cotton Lifting Straps, lasso straps, leather lifting straps, and many others. These are perfect if you are experiencing grip fatigue or want to do high volume sets.

Lifting straps are nothing new and have been around for many years.  These straps have helped individuals lift heavy weight and can strengthen your grip. This was especially noted when Eddie Hall's World Record Deadlift of 500kg (1102 lbs.)  Eddie used the exact type of Figure 8 Lifting Strap we offer and the Figure 8 Lifting Straps have been used by thousands of people who are strongman training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and even the everyday gym goers.  They use these type of straps when they want to go for that PR or even to lift heavier weight knowing their grip won't be compromised. TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps are made with a heavy duty cotton that utilizes a unique weave for maximum durability.  Despite the heavy-duty construction, they are very comfortable to use. These Figure 8 Lifting Straps will enhance your lifting technique, decrease premature grip fatigue, and boost your work rate by up to 40%!

So, How do Figure 8 Lifting Straps Work? 

We have included a video to help show how to use these awesome closed loop straps!

1. Put one hand through one loop

2. Take the strap and go under the bar bringing the opposite loop up.

3. Stick your hand through the second loop.

 4. Maintain an upward tension.

5. Set your strap position towards the plate side and anticipate your hand placement on the bar.

6. Finally, grip the bar, and the strap should be tight.  You may need to move the strap father away from your grip point.

How to Resize Your Figure 8 Lifting Straps

 1. Starting at Step 2 from above you would "TWIST TOWARDS THE PLATE SIDE."  You can twist this two times, three times, or as much as you need to.

2. Follow Steps 3 - 6 as mentioned above to finish securing the lifting strap.

There you have it, it wasn't that hard, was it?  If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to us here, or you can even call us at 561-220-1901.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are lifting straps, and why are they used?

Lifting straps are a type of gym gear designed to assist with gripping heavy weights during lifting exercises. They are used to prevent grip fatigue and ensure a secure grip on the bar. Lifting straps are particularly beneficial when increasing weight during training.

What types of lifting straps are available?

Various types of lifting straps are available, including Figure 8 Lifting Straps, Cotton Lifting Straps, Leather Lifting Straps, and more. Each type offers its own features and benefits.

How do Figure 8 Lifting Straps work?

Figure 8 Lifting Straps are used by putting one hand through one loop, going under the bar with the strap, bringing the opposite loop up, sticking the hand through the second loop, maintaining upward tension, and gripping the bar tightly. The strap may need to be adjusted for optimal positioning and tightness.

How can I resize loose Figure 8 Lifting Straps?

To resize loose Figure 8 Lifting Straps, twist the strap towards the plate side multiple times until the desired tightness is achieved. Then, follow the steps mentioned earlier to finish securing the lifting strap.

Should I Use Figure 8 Lifting Straps or Wrist Wraps?

This largely depends on what you're trying to do. Wrist wraps are used to help stabilize your wrist while lifting straps enhance grip strength. Figure out your fitness goals and see which type of lifting equipment can help you reach that goal. If you want to learn more, we wrote a guide on the differences between wrist wraps and lifting straps.


Where can I get more information or ask further questions?

For more information or to ask further questions about lifting straps, you can contact TuffWraps through their website or call them at 561-220-1901.

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