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Need a Boost in Your Performance?

Need a Boost in Your Performance?


Check out Nootropics; the buzz worthy supplement which is said to improve brain function and athletic performance.

Did you ever see the movie  Limitless with Bradley Cooper? Wouldn’t it be incredible to pop some NZT (the pill he took during the movie) and suddenly be able to access all corners of your brain? I know I left the theater totally wishing I could have some of what Brad had. Although NZT is not a real thing (too bad), there are certain nutritional substances that can improve brain function.  These substances, referred to as nootropics, can impact the cognitive functioning of the brain.

Nootropics have been shown to:

-          Improve memory

-          Increase learning ability

-          Help the brain function under stressful conditions

-          Speed up processing of information

-          Increase concentration

-          Boost the firing of neurons

-          Protect the brain from damage

All of these benefits are why nootropics have been called as “smart drugs” because as you can see they can really boost your brain functioning.

Ok, so what are these amazing things and how do you get your hands on some? Nootropics can range from common substances like caffeine and ginseng to prescription medications like Adderall. Although prescription medications are not recommended without reason, you can still harness the brain-boosting power of nootropics without having to beg your doctor for a prescription you don’t need. Here are a few suggestions on where to start:

Start your day with coffee (in moderation). Caffeine blocks certain chemicals in the body that make you feel tired.  Moderate caffeine intake of less than 300 mg per day (about 2 cups of coffee) can increase alertness and speed up reaction time. But, too much caffeine can make you feel jittery and anxious, so more is not better for brain function.

If you don’t like coffee, try some tea. Tea contains a naturally occurring amino acid called L-theanine. Even just 50 mg of L-theanine, the amount found in about two cups of tea, can help increase brain waves that promote creativity. If you want the most benefit from L-theanine, choose tea with some caffeine like black or green tea, as it seems to enhance the effectiveness.

Consider a few select supplements.Many dietary supplements have brain-boosting qualities and are considered nootropics. A few popular ones include:

-          Creatine: increases energy availability to brain cells.

-          Rhodiola rosea. Helps the body handle stress, improves mood, and burnout.

-          Panax ginseng. Reduces brain fatigue and improves brain performance on difficult tasks.

-          Bacopa monnieri. An herb that may speed up information processing and improve memory.

-          Ginkgo biloba. Improves memory and information processing by increasing blood flow to the brain.  

These supplements have some solid research demonstrating they can help improve brain function. But, do be choosy about using dietary supplements. First, always look for the supplement to be USP verified. The USP is an independent organization that verifies the content of dietary supplements. Also, check out Consumer Labs which tests and provides reviews of the best dietary supplements in various classes.  Finally, always ask your doctor before taking any supplements, particularly if you are taking medications or have any medical conditions.

If you are struggling with memory, brain function, or just want to be smarter than all your friends, these suggestions may help you harness the brain-boosting power of nootropics. Although you probably won’t be able to learn a language overnight like Brad did inLimitless, they might be able to help you stay focused to finish that big project at work or at least remember where you put your keys.

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