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Strongwoman Lucy Underdown Shatters Deadlift World Record with a 701-lb Lift (Video)

Strongwoman Lucy Underdown Shatters Deadlift World Record with a 701-lb Lift (Video)

Lucy Underdown shattered her previous World Record by an additional 18 kilograms (39.7 pounds) during the 2023 Giants Live World Deadlift Championships.

The world of Strongwoman sports has been buzzing with excitement, and the name on everyone’s lips is TuffWraps Athlete Lucy Underdown. She recently set a new Deadlift World Record at the 2023 Giants Live World Deadlift Championships, lifting an astonishing 701 pounds (318 kilograms). This feat has not only shattered previous records but has also set a new benchmark in the realm of strength sports.

The Significance of the Deadlift World Record

The Deadlift World Record is a coveted title in both Strongman and Strongwoman competitions. For years, athletes have been vying for this record, pushing the boundaries of human strength. Lucy Underdown has now raised the bar so high that it seems almost untouchable.

  • Previous Record: 661.4 pounds (300 kilograms)
  • New Record: 701 pounds (318 kilograms)
  • Event: 2023 Giants Live World Deadlift Championships

A TuffWraps Athlete Among Giants

Lucy was invited to the World Deadlift Championships as a guest lifter among 14 male competitors. The organizers recognized her extraordinary potential, and she did not disappoint. Her lift is now considered the greatest in Strongwoman history.

Technique Over Equipment

Interestingly, Lucy opted for a conventional deadlift stance, as sumo stances are not permitted in the sport. She used lifting straps and a lever belt but chose not to use a deadlift suit, which is allowed. Her impeccable technique and raw strength were more than sufficient to complete the lift.

  • Stance: Conventional
  • Equipment Used: Lifting wraps and belt
  • Equipment Not Used: Deadlift suit

The Journey to the New Record

Lucy’s previous record was set at 661.4 pounds (300 kilograms) during the 2021 UK’s Strongest Man contest. She also recently set another variation of the deadlift record using the Kratos Barbell, locking out at 672.4 pounds (305 kilograms).

  • Previous Personal Record: 661.4 pounds
  • Kratos Barbell Record: 672.4 pounds
  • New Personal Record: 701 pounds

Other Milestones in Lucy's Career

Lucy’s record-breaking year doesn’t end here. She won the 2023 OSG European Championships and narrowly lost to Rebecca Roberts at the 2023 UK’s Strongest Woman competition. She has also claimed victories at the 2022 Arnold’s UK Strongwoman Pro and 2022 England’s Strongest Woman.

TuffWraps: A Proud Sponsor

We at TuffWraps are incredibly proud to have Lucy Underdown as part of our team. Her dedication, technique, and raw power embody the values we hold dear. Lucy's record-breaking lift is a testament to what can be achieved when an athlete is backed by quality gear and an unwavering spirit.

  • 2023 OSG European Championships: Winner
  • 2023 UK’s Strongest Woman: Runner-up
  • 2022 Arnold’s UK Strongwoman Pro: Winner


Lucy Underdown has had an extraordinary year, and her recent World Record is the cherry on top. As a TuffWraps Athlete, she has not only elevated her own status but has also set a new standard in the world of Strongwoman sports. It will be thrilling to see how she continues to push the boundaries in the future.

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