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Review of the Reebok CrossFit 2014 Games Lifters 2.0

Cost: $149.98

Color Options: Black / Mint Glow / Porcelain, Reebok Navy / Stinger Yellow / Silver, White / Reebok Navy / Porcelain Anyone knows the frustration of hitting that plateau when getting into lifting. For myself, I was stuck for a few months with a 185# Snatch and could not budge. Adding even just a few pounds, I could not stabilize that bar overhead. My coach insisted I get a pair of lifters to help with keeping grounded in the lifts. I tried out a few different pairs and went up a few pounds but still struggled at breaking 200#. About a month ago I was doing some research for a new pair. Reebok Crossfit 2014 Games Lifter 2.0 caught my eye in my local Fithub and I decided to give them a shot.  

The Good

  1. Sizing and Comfort: At first they felt a bit narrow, but with wider feet, I figured they would stretch a bit. Not only do they stretch, but the very expandable and breathable mesh fabric that builds the shoe contours quickly to individual foot size. Having them only for a month, I’m quite impressed how quickly they broke in. It feels like I’ve been wearing them for years.
  2. Weight and Stability: I find the weight to be a pro and con with the shoe, but for now I will talk about the pro. These shoes are heavier than other lifters I’ve tried out. For OLY lifting, they were exactly what I needed though. After breaking them in, which took less than a week, I started working my Snatch with them. In my first session, I hit 215#. Gave it some time and another lift and hit 225#. Now I’m not saying these shoes will quickly jump your snatch up 30 pounds. However, they provide great stability in keeping your heels firmly planted in that starting position and once you’ve landed in the hole. In that second and third pull, I had to really try if I wanted my heels to pop off the ground.
  3. Color: What first caught my eye with the Reebok Crossfit 2014 Games Lifter 2.0 were the color options. Not many lifting shoes have the sharp yellow in them (my favorite color). With the option for black and navy in there as well, the color options have a little something for multiple interests.
The Bad
  1. Weight: Like I mentioned earlier, this was a pro and con. While the heel heavy soles make great for stabilizing yourself in the hole, they aren’t great for fast metcon WODs. Wearing them while doing barbell burpees, I felt myself doing a lot of extra work just getting over the bar. The weight can slow you down in some aspects of a WOD. However if you don’t have a need to your whole body quickly, they are comfortable enough to last through the WOD and give support.
Conclusion I highly recommend this shoe. The comfort alone justifies the purchase. The stability and weight in the heel gives great support to landing those technical lifts. The colors are sharp and if you look good, you feel good!


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