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Use your Sunday WOD as a rest day!

To some people a rest day means they take off training for the full day. At TuffWraps we believe it means that you do not have a planned wok out of the day (WOD) which makes it a day where you can do what you please :) We recommend to use this rest day very wisely and respect them as they are important to your training regimen. Are you looking for things to do on your rest day? We recommend any of the following below are a great way to give your bod the rest it needs which will keep you functioning at 100%. The last thing you need is to injure yourself by over training. Remember KISS (keep it simple stupid).

  • Technique drills.
  • Try a new skill that you have never done.
  • Practice something that you are weak at.
  • Active recovery
We recommend NO extreme metcons, heavy lifting or barbel lifting. You want to use your rest days wisely and your training will be more successful. If you have been trainign extrememly hard, we recommend that you just REST for the day. Let your body refuel for the next week of training. Over training can lead to a decrease in overall performance. Good luck and remember SUNDAY FUNDAY!


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