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5 Excuses CrossFitters Use To Avoid Working Out

5 Excuses CrossFitters Use To Avoid Working Out

Everyone has their own reasons for skipping a workout. Whether you changed careers, got injured, or your personal life went through major changes, you may have missed a WOD or two (or ten) because of it. Though life may get in the way, do your best not to fall into the trap of avoiding the gym because you "can't make it."

5 of the most common excuses CrossFitters use when they are avoiding their workout.

1. "I'm too busy"

Everybody gets busy. Imagine if you went from a flexible workout schedule to planning your entire day (including time for a WOD) to the minute. It would be easy to say that you can't make it when you're in a time crunch. YOU NEED TO MAKE TIME. Consider your workout a much needed "break" from reality. Take that hour for yourself. Your brain could use a timeout, and your body would love the opportunity to blow off some steam!

2. "I'm too tired"

Not to sound like a jerk, but we're all tired. We are all juggling a hundred responsibilities at once on six hours of sleep. Turn up the tunes in your car, roll the windows down, and head to the gym. You may even feel refreshed instead of more run down after a solid metcon.
Note: Tired and sick and tired are NOT one in the same. Listen to your body when a little sleepy turns into feeling worn out and run down.

3. "I'll work out tomorrow"

Ah, tomorrow. The destroyer of gains. Yes, there will always be tomorrow, but why can't "tomorrow" become "today?" Quit putting your WODs off, and your PRs will be beckoning you back for more!

4. "I don't want to go if I have to scale/modify"

We've all been there. A nagging knee injury, a tight low back, or a sore shoulder may be preventing us from heading back into the gym for one reason or another. If you need the time off for medical reasons, then rest is warranted. Do not, however, avoid workouts all together just because you can't "Rx." Swallow your pride, and head in to do what you can. Your coaches are their for support and guidance. Communicate with them to get suggestions instead of disappearing until your back to doing Fran as prescribed.

5. "I'm not good at that kind of workout"

Have you ever heard of hugging your goat? Avoiding the very things you are bad at WILL not make you better at them. Don't use this as an excuse, ever. A CrossFitter's goal is not to specialize!

The next you want/need to miss a WOD, ask yourself if you are using any of these excuses. If the answer is yes, refocus yourself and get to the box!

About the Author
Meaghan, a former collegiate water polo player and rower, has been a member of the CrossFit community since 2013. She is the webmaster for her box, CrossFit Unlocked, and she has her own blog “Barbell Broad: A Lady’s Take on the Lifting Lifestyle.” Meaghan can be found on Instagram @barbellbroad.



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