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Jaysen & Sonia Sudnykovych...and of course Brewster!


My name is Dr. Jaysen Sudnykovych, and I have been an athlete most of my life. I genuinely do not take my health for granted at my age, and I take exercise and training very seriously.

When I was a senior in high school, I seriously injured my back while wrestling and saw a chiropractor for the first time. I walked into the office, bent over, and walked out upright. I was pretty impressed with the care I got. I learned that a healthy lifestyle goes further than just how you look or feel. As a result of my experience, I was inspired to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

I graduated from high school, went on to college (GO NOLES), and then went to a Chiropractic College where I studied to be a Licensed Chiropractic Physician. I practiced in West Palm Beach, FL, and lived there from 2005 - 2021. I began focusing my career on treating sports injuries specifically since I had an interest in sports from a young age.

I enjoy helping patients reach their optimal performance through chiropractic care. I also enjoy helping people learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, and I love seeing the improvement and benefits they get when they do.

I get weekly chiropractic adjustments myself, exercise 4-5 days a week, do my best to eat a healthy diet (with a few exceptions here and there), and live a healthy lifestyle. You will not find any Advil, Tylenol, Motrin, or Excedrin bottles in my medicine chest. I live what I teach.

I have seen many patients with all types of injuries in my practice, but wrist injuries have seemed to be a common one I have treated. I have been using Active Release Technique (ART) on my patients (both athlete and non-athlete patients) with wrist and other injuries since 2002.

ART is a patented, advanced soft tissue system that uses a movement-based massage technique to treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue fibers, and nerves. ART is used to decrease scar tissue and help correct problems caused by overused muscles.

As excellent a technique as ART is, it does not prevent injury, and preventing injury has been a long-time concern of mine. Preventing injury became even more of a concern after my wife, Sonia, and I joined a CrossFit box in 2012 and fell in love with it. After beginning CrossFit and seeing patients with wrist pain, I started experiencing it myself.

Because of this wrist pain, Sonia (my wife) and I began researching various wrist wraps, looking for one that would give us the support we needed to prevent injury while allowing us to move well with our exercises.

We tried them all. When none of the wrist wraps did what we needed, we sat down and designed our own.


We were fortunate enough to have a family member with over 40 years of experience as a seamstress who makes them for us.

We found a material that offers more durable support than cotton, the fabric in most wrist wraps. This material prevents over-extension of the wrists yet gives the support you need so you can hit the heavy lifts.

We tried several designs until we found one that is strong yet flexible. We then went a step further and became the first company to add an innovative thumb loop to the cloth-style wraps(these are not our Villain Wrist Wraps). This thumb loop helps you put them on, but it also keeps the wrist wraps from curling down while you are wearing them and getting in your way.

Our design worked exceptionally well, so we offered our wraps to a few local CrossFit box and gym owners to see how they liked them. (They loved them, and we now even offer customized CrossFit wrist wraps for local gyms.)

In 2015 things changed...We had a powerlifter call us out of the blue and ask if we had any wrist wraps that he could use while bench pressing over 600 lbs, and we said, “unfortunately, our cloth styles are not geared for that.” He politely said, “Can you make some then.” After a few more discussions, we began manufacturing and testing prototypes until we found the perfect blend of comfortable and supportive material but, more importantly…that didn’t have those ANNOYING THUMB LOOPS! We came up with a “Belt Loop Tightening System®,” and it was a game-changer. These became known as Villain Wrist Wraps, and the NO THUMB LOOPS was born!

Villain Wrist Wraps are available in 16”, which is an excellent everyday wrist wrap, or for those that do not want a bulky wrist wrap. The 24” and 30” are geared for the serious weightlifter and powerlifters. These will be longer, but they will provide maximum support when you need it the most. Many athletes that lift over +600 lifts use these, and even the world record for bench press was broken in Villain Wrist Wraps. If they can support a world record bench press, they can help you achieve your goals.


James Colwell is our UK / European Director of TuffWraps. Alongside his better half Laura Foster they run and manage the consumer and trade distribution of the business throughout the European region.

We ended up with a different website managed by James & Laura, who share the same love for the TuffWraps brand like us. This was specific for the UK and European market, giving the same great TuffWraps products, excellent customer service, and great values as we have. 

There are many significant advantages to having a fulfillment warehouse in the UK. This would include stock directly in the UK, no more expensive overseas shipping costs, no more difficulties with international tracking, no more questions over exchange rates, and no more long delivery times. We can simply give you the best customer experience and deliver to you the products you are looking for in the shortest time.


We have a great selection of products that fulfills our intent of helping you prevent injuries while allowing people to enjoy training. We hope you will like TuffWraps as much as everyone who has tried them does, but we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you don’t. (No one has used it yet.)

What are you waiting for? Try a pair today! I would much rather meet you in the gym in Beast Mode than see you as a patient with an injury.

Stay TUFF,

Jaysen & Sonia


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