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The 6 Best Lifting Straps on the Market

using the best lifting straps for deadlifts

Lifting straps are a crucial piece of equipment for lifters looking to take their progress to the next level. But, what makes a good pair of lifting straps? In this article, we’ll look at factors we consider when buying a pair of wrist straps as well as suggest some of our own favorites. Let’s get started! 

What to Look For in Lifting Straps

Before you buy a pair ofweightlifting straps, there are a few things you need to look or before making a purchase. This will ensure you get the best possible pair of straps based on your needs. 

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Most lifting straps are made with cotton and nylon, but you can also find leather and polyester variants. The material used can affect the durability of the lifting strap. If your lifting straps use high-quality material, they will be able to withstand more weight.

Some lifting straps by TuffWraps can hold over 1,000 pounds, depending on their purpose. For more information, we recommend you read up on thedifferences between leather, nylon, and cotton lifting straps


Lifting straps come in three main types: the single-loop for weightlifting, the versatile lasso for all-around use, and the figure 8 for strongman and advanced powerlifting. To help you find the right fit, we tested each type extensively.

The single-loop strap is great for weightlifting, offering practicality and efficiency. If you want an all-purpose strap, the lasso is your go-to, suitable for various exercises. For strongman and high-level powerlifting, the figure 8 strap provides the necessary support.

Length and Width

The length and width of lifting straps are key factors in determining their effectiveness for various exercises. Longer straps provide more wrapping surface, enhancing grip and stability, which is crucial for heavy or intricate movements. Wider straps distribute pressure evenly, offering a secure and comfortable grip, particularly beneficial for those with larger hands or lifting heavier loads. The right length caters to different exercises, while the appropriate width ensures versatility across a range of lifting movements. 

Additionally, the length and width impact durability and load capacity, making it essential to choose straps that can withstand the demands of your lifting routine. Overall, selecting lifting straps with the right length and width enhances your grip, comfort, and support, tailored to your specific exercise needs.

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Closure Mechanism

The closure mechanism of a lifting strap holds significant importance for its functionality and user experience. A reliable closure ensures a secure fit around the wrist and the bar, enhancing stability during lifts and preventing slippage, especially in heavy exercises. For example, if you’re usinglifting straps for deadlifts, an efficient closure system allows for quick and easy application of the straps between lifts. 

The Best Lifting Straps to Buy Today

6. TUFF Olympic Lifting Straps (Standard)

TheTUFF Olympic Lifting Straps (Standard) are meticulously crafted with heavy-duty stitching to enhance durability, ensuring they outlast the competition. The design prioritizes increased contact with the bar, effectively enhancing grip strength without sacrificing the feel for the bar itself. Engineered for quick release during lifts, these lifting straps contribute to injury prevention, making them a valuable addition to your lifting gear.

With a maximum weight rating of 300 lbs, these TUFF Olympic Lifting Straps are tailored to meet the needs of lifters seeking both reliability and performance. Elevate your lifting experience with a focus on durability, grip improvement, and safety.

5. TUFF Premium Padded Lifting Straps (With Neoprene)

TuffWraps Premium Padded Lifting Straps stand out with their heavy-duty stitching and superior durability, outperforming others in the weightlifting accessory realm.

Experience unparalleled comfort during your lifting routines, courtesy of the neoprene padding integrated into our TuffWraps wrist straps. This innovative feature reduces hand fatigue and minimizes discomfort, allowing you to channel your focus entirely into your lifts. With a maximum capacity of up to 300 lbs, these adjustable lifting straps are the ideal companion for beginners and seasoned lifters alike.

4. TUFF Dual-Ply Lifting Straps

TUFF Dual-Ply lifting straps are great for heavy-duty lifting, making it a favorite for powerlifters and bodybuilders. Boasting a two-layer design crafted from heavy-duty cotton canvas, these lifting straps are intricately sewn together, delivering enhanced strength and durability. With a remarkable rating of up to 500 kg (over 1000 lbs) during training, they stand as a reliable companion for your most intense lifting sessions.

Designed to firmly grip the knurl on the bar, these straps feature an extended length, offering superior bar coverage compared to shorter alternatives. Perfect for a range of lifting exercises including deadlifting, shrugs, single dumbbell arm rows, bent-over rows, and more, the extra-long strap accommodates larger hands and wrists, effortlessly wrapping around axle bars, car deadlifts, and various lifting implements.

3. TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Another favorite for serious lifters is theTUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps. Tailored for serious lifters, these robust lifting straps feature a unique double-loop system that securely wraps around wrists of all sizes, delivering unparalleled support and stability during those intense lifting sessions, with a proven capacity to handle up to 1,000 lbs.

Crafted from sturdy, heavy-duty cotton, our TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps offer a perfect blend of strength and durability. Say goodbye to grip slippage and discomfort as you focus on your workout. The Figure 8 design ensures that the straps seamlessly integrate with your grip, allowing you to lift confidently and effortlessly.

Versatility meets functionality in these figure 8 lifting straps, designed to accommodate any wrist size. Whether you're a powerlifter, bodybuilder, or weightlifter, these straps are your go-to accessory. Whether your goal is to enhance grip strength, target a world record deadlift, or simply lift heavier weights,use Figure 8 lifting straps to fully unlock your potential! 

2. TUFF Velcro Lifting Straps

Offering a secure and comfortable grip, these straps are designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. The easy-to-wrap velcro lifting strap ensures a snug fit around your wrist and the bar, making them the ideal choice for exercises like shrugs, lat pulldowns, rows, and more.

Crafted from durable and cost-efficient nylon material, these lifting straps are built to withstand the rigors of your training sessions. The woven-in rubber adds an extra layer for maximum grip, providing you with the confidence to tackle challenging lifts without worrying about slippage.

Elevate your lifting experience with theTUFF Velcro Lifting Straps – a reliable companion for those seeking a secure and comfortable solution to improve grip strength. Invest in durability and efficiency for your workouts.

1.TUFF Olympic Lifting Straps (Long)

Crafted with the same heavy-duty stitching as our standard-length version, these longer Olympic lifting straps provide an extended gripping surface, ensuring superior control during your lifts. The added length enables more wraps around the bar, delivering unparalleled grip and control – an ideal choice for complex lifts and high-intensity routines.

You’ll experience enhanced raw, tactile feedback from the bar with the longer version, allowing for heightened focus during heavy or intricate lifts. Maintaining the robust 300-lb weight rating, these longer straps are tailored for athletes determined to push the boundaries of their Olympic lifting routines.

Other key features include:

  • Additional length for improved grip
  • Heavy-duty stitching for lasting durability
  • Raw, tactile bar feel for complex lifts
  • Weight rating up to 300 lbs
  • Sold in pairs for convenience


The six lifting straps above should be able to cover just about any type of lifting goals that you have. Whether you’re a powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, or general fitness enthusiast, TUFFWraps liting straps will get you right!

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