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How to Use Wrist Wraps - Simple Ways to Maximize Training

How to Use Wrist Wraps - Simple Ways to Maximize Training

If you are searching for ways to improve your lifting performance and reduce the risk of a wrist injury, then consider wrist wraps. Wrist wraps are a versatile tool that can be used for many different activities, from general weightlifting to CrossFit. 

This article will provide tips for using wrist wraps to ensure you get the most out of your workouts and stay safe. Discover how to choose the best wrist wrap, put them on correctly, and use them. With these tips, you can be sure to get the maximum benefit from your wrist wraps.

When performing overhead lifts or pressing motions that require a lot of effort, the wrist joint is supported with a wrist wrap. These acts risk impairing lift mechanics and increasing the risk of injury by causing the wrist to hold weight in an abnormally stretched position. Athletes can benefit from wrist wraps, but as we've seen, many people need to utilize them properly. Here are some pointers for maximizing your training.

Warm Up First Without Wrist Wraps

Around 60% of your 1-RM press may be moved without encircling your wrists. On training days when we are exerting near maximum loads, we advise athletes to wear wrist wraps. Your wrist flexors and extensors will only get as strong if you constantly rely on wrist wraps. You'll notice that some of the toughest athletes in our gym use wrist wraps to achieve those heavy lifts.

Wraps Are Not Necessary for Most Gymnastics Movements

Bodyweight exercises like ring dips, handstand push-ups, and pull-ups only require wrist wraps if you intend to compete in genuine gymnastics events like the vault or pommel horse. A wrist injury sustained during practice or competition could be an exemption. 

Likewise, some athletes might desire something on their wrists to protect their skin when completing muscle-ups with a fake grip for many repetitions. The critical takeaway is that wrist support is unnecessary for most CrossFit gymnastics movements however though with Olympic type movements they would be advised.

Choose the Correct Kind of Wrap

The thicker, Velcro-bound Villain Wrist Wraps used in powerlifting provide additional wrist support, and the thinner, more flexible cotton wraps are the great for CrossFit and those exercises where you want the ability to tighten and loosen your wrist wraps quickly. You can use thicker wraps to get the most out of an exercise, like a bench press or shoulder press. 

The thinner wraps can be a better option if you want to maximize your clean and jerk or snatch because they will provide you with more wrist mobility. The snatch-and-jerk finishes call for some wrist extension to complete the move cleanly.

Try to Avoid Using Your Wrist Wraps like a Bracelet

Remember that a wrist wrap's primary function is to support your wrist joint. You've essentially turned your wrist wrap into a useless forearm bracelet if it hangs below your wrist joint. Carefully cover wrist joint with the wrist wrap enough to provide support and prevent over extension.

Avoid Covering Up Mobility Concerns with Wristbands

Using wrist wraps is frequently justified by pain or discomfort experienced when the wrist is extended, such as during front squats or the receiving position of a clean. Athletes with wrist pain during front squats or cleaning frequently have poor rack positioning due to restricted upper-body mobility. Tight wrist joints, insufficient shoulder flexion, external rotation, and poor thoracic extension can contribute to poor rack posture. You don't become more flexible wearing wrist wraps.


Using sports wraps is an essential part of lifting safely and efficiently. They help to protect the wrists from injury, provide support and stability, and help keep the wrists in proper alignment. Wearing wrist wraps should be incorporated into your lifting routine, mainly when doing heavy lifts. 

When choosing wrist wraps, ensure they are not too tight and are of good quality. And when using them, make sure to wrap them properly and wear them throughout the lift. With these tips, you can get the most out of your wrist wraps and get stronger and healthier.

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