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Have a TUFF style you love to show off? Do you post pics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that deal with weightlifting, powerlifting, calisthenics, or fitness in general? Then you may be perfect for the TUFF Brand Ambassador Program, where you can get your friends a discount and earn store credit for helping to grow the TUFF family...


What Do I Need To Join?

Active email and an active social media account, ie. Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.


Will My Social Media Followers Be Given A Discount?

Yes! You will be given a custom 10% discount code that you can share with your friends, family members, and followers anywhere. They can use that discount code during checkout when they make a purchase.


Do I Earn Credit?

Of course, you do! For every referral that results in a purchase from your friends, you will receive a 20% commission in store credit. For example: for a $100.00 order, you would get $20.00 to spend at www.TuffWraps.com. Payouts will begin after your second sale and can be requested monthly.



How Do I Redeem My Ambassador Commissions?

Please email us atsales@tuffwraps.com when you want to claim your commissions, and we will give you a gift card for your purchase.


How Can I Join The Ambassador Program? Disclaimer: Due to the high demand for our ambassador program, we ask that you please be patient as we have to review each application. Due to the heavy volume, this takes time, so we ask that you give us two weeks to review your application. We will be checking accounts and deactivating any stagnant and/or inactive charges. TUFFWRAPS will do this without notice, so please stay active with the program. By becoming a TuffWraps Ambassador, we require you to uphold a positive attitude representing our brand. TUFFWRAPS will terminate any account we see unfit immediately without notice.


What is the requirement to be a TUFF Ambassador?

You must be active on one of the major social media websites such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter to apply.

Do I have to use the discount code to refer people?

No, you can send friends, family, and others through the URL you are provided in the admin,OR they can use the DISCOUNT CODE when purchasing. Either way, we will recognize that the sale came from you.


The link is ideal for when you are online and you want to promote TuffWraps.com. The discount code is perfect for when you are at the gym and you give it out to someone interested in TuffWraps.com.

What is the unique URL that I am provided?

The URL you are provided in your admin is unique to you. You can give the URL link to friends, family, or anyone that will track the purchases to your account. All they need to do is click the link once, which will associate the purchase from TuffWraps with you.

When can I claim my TUFF credit?

You can claim your rewards once a month by contacting info@tuffwraps.com. We will issue you a gift card that you can use to make your purchase.


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