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TuffWraps Ambassador FAQ


What is the requirement to be a TuffWraps Ambassador?
You must be active on any of the major social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. to apply.  

Do I have to use the discount code to refer people?
No, you can either send friends, family and others through the URL you are provided in the admin, OR they can just use the DISCOUNT CODE when purchasing.  Either way, we will recognize the sale came from you.

The link is ideal for when you are online, and you want to promote TuffWraps.com.  The discount code is perfect for when you are at the gym, and you give it out to someone interested in TuffWraps.com.

When I use the URL I'm provided, and someone clicks it, how will it generate and reflect that I am getting the referral?

The URL you are provided in your admin is unique to you.

When can I claim my TUFF credit?
You can claim your rewards once a month by contacting info@tuffwraps.com.  We will issue you a gift card which can be used to make your purchase.

Do I get a discount for being an Ambassador?
Yes, once you refer 2 sales you will be eligible for a 30% discount on gear for yourself.  Anyone caught abusing this discount ill be terminated immediately without notice.


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