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TUFFWRAPS Athlete: Chris Pantano

IG: @chrispantanosquats

Q&A with Chris Pantano

Where are you currently training?

Boston, MA

How did your fitness journey start?

I wanted to do this since I was 8 years old. I was comparing a Hulk comic to a cover of Flex Magazine in which Dorian Yates was on the cover. I thought it was the hulk in real life and asked my dad if he was real. My dad told me he was a bodybuilder and that eating and training was his job and that they worked extremely hard and were very disciplined. Right there I told my dad I wanted to be a bodybuilder someday.

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Favorite is Dorian Yates he’s the reason why I got into bodybuilding and fitness in the first place. I admire his attitude and incredible work ethic. Jay Cutler also because he’s incredible with the business side of the fitness industry and you can learn a lot from that especially with building your own brand.

What is your favorite food?

Steak (porterhouses, ribeye,) Sushi, Pizza, Reese’s fast breaks, Cheezits

What is your favorite Tuffwraps product and why?

Villain knee wraps 2.0 since squatting is my thing these wraps have been through some of the tuffest workouts over the years. Excellent support and rebound when squatting deep and heavy.

I also use the all black villain stuff wrist wraps. They just simply give me the support I need from all the heavy presses.

What is an odd fact about you?

I used to play competitive table tennis and I am extremely scared of centipedes

What is your favorite quote?

This is my own actually but have lived by this for years and years

“I will stand with 1000 people or I will stand alone against 1000 people. Either way I’ll stand for what I believe in.”



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