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Using Your Villain Wrist Wraps

 Who are Villain Wrist Wraps for?

These wrist wraps are great for ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE.  This includes people who are bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters, Olympic weight lifters and even people who cross-train. These were designed to give you the maximum amount of wrist support while training. 

Why are these the Best Wrist Wraps?

Article: Are Villain Wrist Wraps Any Good?

They DO NOT have a thumb loop! 

After speaking with many different weightlifters and powerlifters, it was brought to our attention that the thumb loop got in the way, or it had to be removed right before a competition lift. We got rid of the thumb loop and implemented a Belt Loop Tightening System™ that will allow you to get your wraps as tight as you would like them. 

The 4" Velcro and DOUBLE VELCRO attachment points allow you to secure your wraps, so they do not loosen or come off during those heavy lifts. 

We wanted them to be comfortable, supportive and FUNCTIONAL! Well, we got it right, and the Villain Wrist Wraps have been a huge hit ever since.  Everyone that has tried these has gone on to own a pair themselves.

Have these wraps been tested?

Great question, yes they have been thoroughly tested by Julius Maddox who used these to set the World Record for bench press at 744.1 lbs. Julius put these wrist wraps through many tests, and they have held up to everything that we have thrown at them.

How does it work?

It uses a Belt Loop Tightening System™ similar to the way your belt on your pants tightens down. 

1. Insert the end with the Villain name on it through the loop at the other end.

 2. Put your wrist through the hole.

 3. Pull the wrist wrap towards you and wrap around the wrist. 

Once you get it back around you can then pull it again and wrap around continuing until the velcro is left to fasten down.


There you go. Now, you are an official Villain member and part of the TuffWraps family!

Now, get on any of the social media websites and tag us using the hashtag #tuffwraps so we can you in action with our wraps.


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