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Why Tuff Wraps?

Calling all fitness enthusiasts and athletes!

Whether you are into CrossFit, Powerlifting, or Olympic lifting, TuffWraps.com has the wrist wraps, and wrist supports for you! Avoid wrist pain and increase your workout capability today with our innovative and supportive wrist wraps.

Our wrist supports were designed with you in mind by a Doctor of Chiropractic who also does CrossFit training and uses the CrossFit wrist wraps he designed to alleviate pain and strain on his wrists.

How Are TuffWraps’ Wrist Supports Better?

When you are working out, you want your wrist wraps to provide the proper wrist support for optimum lifting and also to tighten and loosen during workouts. To reach your personal best, you want your wrist support to be able to have some give during workouts, but not to allow so much wrist extension that you sustain an injury or are unable to make those heavy lifts.

Because of the innovations, TuffWraps.com has added to traditional wrist supports; our TuffWraps will offer excellent support for your wrists while you train. Rather than using cotton, which allows too much give, TuffWraps.com uses a special fabric blend that is thick enough to give you the support you need, yet thin enough to be comfortable and flexible.

You can rest assured that our Powerlifting wrist wraps and Olympic Lifting wrist wraps will enhance your lifting capability. You will also have the added support you need when you are doing over head squats, cleans and jerks, push presses, and other movements.

Wrist Wrap Thumb LoopYou will enjoy the thumb loops we added to keep your wrist wraps from curling down on your wrists and getting in your way. The thumb loops make putting all our wrist wraps on much easier and faster. TuffWraps' wrist supports have durable stitching and are washable. We have our wrist wraps hand sewn here in the USA by someone with over 40 years of sewing experience. They are without a doubt simply the best wrist supports on the market today.

Want to know more about TuffWraps.com? Check out our About Us page on our site.

Up Your Game with Our CrossFit Wrist Wraps

In CrossFit training, remember you are competing against yourself. Knowing your limits and scaling your workouts to those limits is important to avoid injury.  Having the right equipment is also important. That is where our CrossFit Wrist Wraps come in.

They protect your wrists from injury as you perform the various exercises. Just put them on, loop, wrap, twist, and get busy meeting your limits. Make your TuffWraps wrist supports an integral part of your workout, and you will soon see the difference in how your wrists feel afterward.

We also recommend you eat a healthy breakfast before training as it nourishes your body and gives it the fuel necessary to do the complex CrossFit movements. You wouldn’t drive to your workout with no gas in your car, so don’t take your body to a workout without a good breakfast.

Ready, Set, Lift with Powerlifting Wrist Wraps and Olympic Lifting Wrist Wraps

Your wrist is comprised of eight bones, and the stress of weight lifting without the proper support can cause injury or fractures. You need special weight lifting techniques and habits. You also need the proper wrist support for lifting.

Wrist pain can take all the fun out of your workout. Lifting without proper wrist support can cause injury that prevents you from enjoying your workout and keeps you away from successive workouts.

Bicep curls and bench presses can be especially hard on your wrists. TuffWraps’ Powerlifting Wraps reinforce your wrists, which helps take some of the pressure off of them so that as you do proper lifting, you avoid injury.

 Who can use TuffWraps?

TuffWraps are fantastic for any athlete who uses their wrists. From the hardcore athlete to the weekend warrior our wraps are going to provide you with the needed support for those heavy lifts.

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Get your innovative wrist supports today at TuffWraps.com! They are available in a wide variety of colors and camouflage types. We take all the major credit cards as well as PayPal.


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