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Tuffwraps Athlete: Michael Palm


Mike Palm IFBB Pro

Name: Michael Palm


My fitness journey began in 2009, my first year enlisted in the Navy as Military Police or (Master at Arms). I really took to running as my first passion. Something about throwing on a pair of tennis shoes and seeing how far you could run always seemed intriguing to me.

I remember my first day in the gym was August 8th, 2009. Don’t know how I remember this day it always just stick with me. We’ll just call it the birth of a new me. I was out of basic training and needed more goals to reach. I quick became friends with the gym meat heads, asking all the tips and tricks to getting big. I read magazine after magazine, watched as many YouTube videos as I could. And just overall began the large experiment as to what did and didn’t work as far as lifting and eating properly.

Fast forward to 2014, I had been out of the military for 2 years at this point, and was competing in my first NPC mens physique show. I took second and after that it was game on. The following year, I came back to the same show (MN NPC gopher state) and won the overall. By this point I felt I had what it took for the national level and competed in 2016 NPC Jr Nats, where I took 5th, and Nationals later that year and got crushed by placing 13th. I felt obliterated by this point and felt I didn’t have what it took anymore so stepped away from the stage.

In the mean time I completed my AAS in Exercise Science, and my BAS in Business Administration. I started working at the VA in 2018, had my daughter in 2019, and moved into a new home with my wife and daughter in 2020. Once life settled down again, I started having the itch again to get back on stage. In April 2021 I decided to move up divisions into Classic Physique where I took 1st in my class at NPC Iowa State, then 6th at Jr USA’s. I felt like I had the right structure for classic and knew a year off would help me fine tune what was needed to be better. So I ate like I’ve never ate before gained 45lbs in my first heavy off-season, came back the following year to NPC Jr. USAs and finally won my IFBB Pro card. The feeling was and still is surreal. I worked my ass off for that title for so many years, and am so proud to have finally accomplished this mission.

Q&A with Michael Palm

Where are you currently training?

Maple Grove, MN

How did your fitness journey start?

Back in 2009 while I was in the military, weighing 160lbs, I really enjoyed running, which eventually led me to weight lifting. I can’t even remember the last time I went for a run other than chasing my daughter haha

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Doesn’t get much better than Tom Brady. His consistency and passion for what he loves is what’s guided him to win 7 Super Bowls. He’s a champ on and off the field

What is your favorite food?

We’ll go from best to least best. Pizza, Anything Tacos/burritos, Chick-fil-a, 5guys, Sushi, All BBQ, and of course Crumbl cookies

What is your favorite Tuffwraps product and why?

Easily the 16in Wrist Wraps. Not having the annoying thumb loop sticking out is a huge plus, not to mention all the awesome colors people get to choose from, how could ya go wrong?!

What is an odd fact about you?

I own more shoes than my wife

What is your favorite quote?

Veni Vidi Vici

Competition History

2014- NPC Gopher state 2nd

2015- NPC Gopher state overall

2016- NPC Jr Nats 5th

2016- NPC Nationals 13th

2021- NPC Iowa State 1st

2021- NPC Jr USA’s 6th

2022- NPC Jr USA’s IFBB Pro


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