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6 Easy Steps to Keep You Motivated

6 Easy Steps to Keep You Motivated

Motivation is defined as an internal process that moves a person to action towards a goal. It’s the forces that activate behavior. So, then why do so many of us lose motivation so quickly? Loss of motivation seems to be the biggest reason why so many people give up on goal. But what about those people that seem to have an endlessly flowing supply of motivation, even in the toughest of times? Where does that come from? Are they just born that way, or are there specific behaviors and practices they do in order to STAY motivated?

So here it is, straight from the “experts”…. 6 easy steps for keeping up the motivation in your life.

1.) Eliminate negativity - Limit interaction with individuals that have a tendency to be negative, set up boundaries, and declare your goals for yourself with them so that they know what you’re working on. “un-follow” in life and on social media. If someone that you used to follow on social media used to motivate you but lately just has you feeling a little too self-conscious, then un-follow that person. It’s nothing personal. We should all seek out what we need to become a better version of ourselves. 

2.) Step outside your own little world - Seek out someone and find a way to help him or her. It’s scientifically proven that a person feels better about themselves and the world around them when they feel useful, and have a purpose. You are useful to others in ways you can’t even imagine. Giving back can be something as simple as smiling at new person at the gym, giving them a compliment or telling them to have a good day.

3.) Write down your goals and positive affirmations -repeat them to yourself over and over. There are numerous apps that allow us to put in positive affirmations to pop up a reminder on your phone. Check out some of these free apps. For the rest of us there are good old-fashioned note cards. Read them aloud to yourself when you feel like you might be needing a “pick me up”.

4.) Celebrate and reward progress - no matter how small. Maybe you made it to the gym 3 days this week? Maybe you didn’t over-indulge on your “cheat meal”? Or maybe it was as simple as staying on track when life threw you some major challenges? Whatever it was give yourself a good pat on the back. Those accomplishments are the re charge in your battery that keeps us going. Be proud of yourself, own it, and share it with others.

5.) Fake it till you make it - Say today you just aren’t feeling it? In your head you know you need to get up, get going and “crush it”.  Well, that sounds like classic case of lost motivation. Faking it till you make it, is a nice way of saying “just do it anyway because once you get started you’ll start to feel motivated”.

6.) Lose the expectation – there’s a funny saying “shut up and color”. Well, it’s true. Sometimes we just need to put our heads down, forget about everything else in the world and focus on the work that needs to be done. Failed expectations can wreak havoc on the anything; relationships and goals. It’s best to enter both without great expectations. Make your goal about something that’s within your control. For example, set a weekly goal to hit your workouts 4 times in the week rather than lose 2lbs. You can’t always control outside forces but you can always control your own behavior. Not having pie in the sky expectations can keep your focus in the right direction.

These are just a few tips to get you started. More than likely you’ll find what works best for you with staying motivated.


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