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TuffWraps Athlete Sets 300kg World Record Women's Deadlift

TuffWraps Athlete Sets 300kg World Record Women's Deadlift

There are certain lifts in the sport of strongman that make a real mark in an athletes career, maybe its a log press or maybe its a really quick stone run or its a huge huge deadlift!  We all remember Eddie Halls giant 500kg deadlift that almost killed him, and for a long time no one beat it.

On the 31st August 2021 it was time for a female athlete to aim high and look to set a bench mark in women's strength sports for what could be a long time to come.  TuffWraps Athlete Lucy Underdown from Surrey, UK took to the stage at the UK Ultimate Strongman event aiming to set a new World Record pull of 300kgs (661lbs)!

A 300kg deadlift is not something you see very often and when you do, its rarely you see it lifted as easily as Lucy made it look this weekend!!  After a very modest warm up and very short preparation she made history and set the new record of 300kg.!

A huge congratulations from everyone here at TuffWraps and it goes without saying we cannot wait to see what is next in line.

tuffwraps athlete lucy underdown

Follow Lucy on IG: @lucyunders_strongwoman

Thank you to @officialultimatestrongman and @fiecegym for putting on a great day and shooting great media.

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