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Which Lifting Straps Are Right For You?

Which Lifting Straps Are Right For You?

There are many kinds of lifting straps to consider when you are deadlifting, and choosing the wring kind can cause serious injury. There are cotton lifting straps, figure 8 lifting straps, Velcro lifting straps, and dual ply lifting straps.  They all have different tensile strengths, which need to be paid attention to before purchasing.

We know that looking at all the different styles of Lifting Straps can feel overwhelming - you know you want a pair, but where do you start and how do you know what's right for YOU?

We're going to breakdown our entire selection of Lifting Straps with an explanation of the differences and benefits that each style provides.

Let's get into it!

 Style of Lifting Strap Rated up to
Cotton Lifting Straps 300lbs
MAXX Cotton Lifting Straps 300lbs
Velcro Lifting Straps 300lbs
Velcro 2.0 Lifting Straps 300lbs
V2 Cotton Lifting Straps 500lbs
Figure 8 Lifting Straps 1320lbs
Dual Ply Lifting Straps 1320lbs

TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps

Our TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps are traditional lifting straps for the everyday gym-goer! TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps are reinforced with heavy-duty cotton stitching to strengthen the strap and make it last longer than the competition! These styles of straps also feature an added neoprene pad for increased comfort on the wrists while lifting. They aid in movements that use a barbell and can also be used to hold dumbbells during rows, RDLs, flys, etc.

The TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps are available in TWO sizes: Regular Cotton Lifting Straps & MAXX Cotton Lifting Straps. Both sets of lifting straps are rated to lift up to 300 lbs;the only difference is the size/length.

Which Size Do I Need?

Regular Cotton Lifting Straps are 1.5" in width and 24" in length

Maxx Cotton Lifting Straps are 2" width and 24" in length

TUFF Velcro Lifting Straps

Our TUFF Velcro Lifting Straps are different than the traditional style lifting strap and are best used for those focused on training with machines and cable work. The Velcro Lifting Straps feature an added neoprene pad for comfort and wrist support that the Standard Cotton Lifting Straps do not have. Both sets of Velcro Lifting Straps are rated to lift up to 300 lbs, and the difference between them is mainly in the strap material.

Which Style Do I Need?

Velcro Lifting Straps use a nylon-based strap with rubber woven into the fabric for maximum grip and more durability than a cotton-based strap.

Velcro 2.0 Lifting Straps use a heavy-duty cotton strap made with the same durable material as our Figure 8 Lifting Straps. Unlike our TUFF Velcro Lifting Straps, these do not have a woven rubber material in the strap.

If you are looking for a lifting strap that supports more than 300 lbs, we advise you to check out our TUFF V2 Cotton Lifting Straps, TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps, or our Dual Ply Lifting Straps.

TUFF V2 Cotton Lifting Straps

Our TUFF V2 Cotton Lifting Straps follow the traditional style lifting strap model but are made with a thicker material compared to our Regular TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps. The thicker material makes the TUFF V2 Cotton Lifting Straps rated to lift up to 500 lbs. The V2 design is perfect for those who may be quickly approaching the 300lb restriction on our Cotton Lifting Straps/Velcro Lifting Straps and anticipate some huge gains.

If you are looking for a lifting strap that supports more than 500 lbs, we advise you to check out our TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps and our Dual Ply Lifting Straps.

TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Our TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps are a MUST when lifting heavy! These lifting straps are made with heavy-duty cotton and designed in the shape of an 8 to create a double-loop around your wrists; this helps lock you into the bar or dumbbells you are lifting without any interference from the straps allowing you to maintain hand contact to the bar. Check out our video demonstration here to see exactly how easy they are to use. The TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps are rated to lift up to 1320 lbsand are available in two sizes.

We offer two styles of Figure 8 Lifting Straps depending on the type of bar you are anticipating training with.

Deadlift Bar Figure 8's are often used by Powerlifters when performing deadlifts with the traditional barbell

Axle Bar Figure 8's are often used by Strongman training with an axle bar as this is larger in diameter and will require more strap to wrap around the bar. These style of lifting straps will be larger than the Regular/Deadlift Bar Figure 8's. 

TUFF Dual Ply Lifting Straps

Our TUFF Dual Ply Lifting Straps follow the same traditional strap style as our standard Cotton Lifting Straps, BUT they are definitely not the same lifting strap. The Dual Ply Lifting Straps are made with heavy-duty material and are finished with reinforced stitching so you can lift without worrying about your straps possibly breaking. These have an extra-long strap, which is great for bigger hands/wrists, wrapping around an axle bar, car deadlift, etc. The TUFF Dual Ply Lifting Straps are rated to lift up to 1320 lbsand are available in Standard & Long lengths. 


To summarize how to choose between all of these different lifting straps - what you should first ask yourself is what type of exercises you are performing and how much weight you anticipate you are going to be lifting.

If most of your exercises are being performed under 300 lbs with dumbbells and barbells, then our TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps are your best choice. Choosing between the regular size and the TUFF Maxx Cotton Lifting Straps is based on personal preference.

If you prefer to work out using machines and cable columns, then a pair of the TUFF Velcro Lifting Straps are your safest choice. Remember, the difference between the two Velcro Lifting Straps are mostly in the style of strap you will be used to gripping with. The Velcro Lifting Strap uses a Nylon Strap with rubber woven in, whereas the Velcro Lifting Straps 2.0 use heavy-duty cotton, which tends to feel more comfortable.

If you are unsure about how much weight you will be training with or what style of exercises you prefer to perform (free weights vs. machines), then the V2 Cotton Lifting Straps are your safest bet, as they are rated to lift up to 500 lbs which give you plenty of room to grow.

If you are performing exercises with more than 500lbs, then either our TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps or our TUFF Dual Ply Lifting Straps will get the job done safely. At this point, you will need to choose between the traditional style or double-loop style lifting straps.

If you're still unsure about what style of Lifting Straps are best for you, then get in touch with our Customer Experience Team, and we will point you in the right direction.

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